Sunday, January 25, 2015

Fall Out Boy reveal One Direction writing session: "It was great, but maybe the songs are too odd for them".

American rockers Fall Out Boy have revealed that the last time they were in the UK, they went into the studio with the One Direction lads for a special writing session that turned out “great”.
Member Pete Wentz confessed that the material they came up with together was really good, but he’s unsure what will happen to it because the songs might be a little too ‘out there’ for the boyband’s typical sound and style:
“Last time we were in London we wrote with the guys in One Direction. It was a great session but I don’t know if Fall Out Boy writes what One Direction wants to sing. There’s a certain area of odd that we can stake a place in, but it’s like we have the language of twins. Maybe it’s too odd for One Direction because they didn’t end up using the songs this time.”

Harry out and about in LA (23.01.2015)

First sneak peek for #OnTheRoadAgain1D - LOUIS #Search4OnTheRoadAgain

Een video die is geplaatst door 1D Street Team NL (@1dstreetteamnl) op

Harry at Jeff’s birthday party in LA (24.01.2014)

Liam and Louis at Heathrow airport in London, UK (21.01.2015)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Liam and Louis arriving at LAX airport in LA (21.01.2015)

TV3.IE - Niall Horan spoils Marvin's daughter

Niall Horan ''spoils'' Marvin and Rochelle Humes' daughter with designer clothes.
The One Direction hunk is close friends with the couple and dotes on their 20-month-old little girl Alaia-Mai and can't resist splashing out on expensive gifts for her.
Marvin said: ''Niall spoils her rotten. He bought her a Burberry mac for her christening present and then this Christmas he just went nuts in Selfridges and bought her a load of designer clothes.''
Though Marvin enjoys doing ''lads stuff'' with the 'Steal My Girl' singer, he says his pal enjoys hanging out with Rochelle just as much.
He said: ''He's friends with both of us, so I'll do lads stuff with him - like I went to Vegas for his 21st and we had a lads' holiday out there for that - and then he'll come round to the house and just chill with Rochelle and have a curry if I'm out working.''
While the couple are protective of their friend, Marvin insists they don't vet his potential girlfriends but he thinks being single is the right thing for the star at the moment.
He told heat magazine: ''He's not silly. He's seen a lot of the world now and I think he can make a good judgement.
''I think he's doing the right thing being single right now. He'll settle down with the right person at the right time, I'm sure.''

One Direction Instagram: 16 days ... #OnTheRoadAgain1D

Ein von One Direction (@onedirection) gepostetes Foto am

One Direction in ViVi magazine - SCANS

Harry taking pictures with fans in LA (21.01.2015)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

First sneak peek for #OnTheRoadAgain1D - NIALL #Search4OnTheRoadAgain

Een video die is geplaatst door 1D Street Team NL (@1dstreetteamnl) op

One Direction - Photoshoot (2013-2014)

Niall at a cricket game in Melbourne, Australia (21.01.2015)

Meghan Trainor: I've done a duet with Harry.

Meghan Trainor's Bass has got the attention of the most eligible bachelor in pop.
America's new superstar singer told me yesterday that she has recorded the first ever duet with ONE DIRECTION heart-throb HARRY STYLES -- a song called Someday Maybe that is all about love.

And the Grammy-nominated doo-wop singer is more than a little excited about it.
Speaking about the project for the first time just hours after arriving in London, she squealed: "It's real!
"It's a duet. It's a beautiful song we wrote together on my ukelele. We even recorded a rough demo together with our vocals together. It's a cute acoustic love thing."
Meghan said: "It's one of the first cool things I got to do with a pop star.
"A friend of mine said Harry was a fan and said he would love to write with me.
"He's an incredible writer, too. I was worried he'd just be a 20-year-old boy. So I walked in with a prepared verse and chorus. But he gave me very poetic, mature lyrics.
"I was like, 'Well damn, Harry, you know what love is'."
Whether the world gets to hear the song is another matter because Harry remains firmly committed to 1D. But given his reputation is another high-profile romance on the cards?
"No, definitely not -- we're good friends," Meghan giggled firmly.
"But I adore all the One Direction boys. Every time I meet them I'm like, 'Hi, you're all perfect'.
"But they're One Direction. And I'm just a girl from Massachusetts.
"Plus, I can't date another pop star. They're all too busy."
Source: The Sun. 

One Direction - Top Of The Pop magazine

One Direction Orlando Q&A - Influences

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Harry with fans in LA (19.01.2015)

One Direction Twitter: Bit of tour prep ... #OnTheRoadAgain1D

Zayn out and about in London with Naughty Boy (17/18.01.2015)


Zayn's twitter: New haircut! Here Ya Go

McBusted - 1D Australia Tour Announcement!

Harry went golfing in LA (18.01.2015)

Louis backstage at the Doncaster vs. Barnsley football match at Keepmoat Stadium. (17.01.2015)

1. "selfie time" -
2. "sassy Lou sassy Lou" -
3. "he concentrated so hard" -
4. "thanks babe I will follow you" he didn't lie -
5. "I can only hope that you witness this hug" -

Zayn's Twitter: "Vibe Central !!! Hahah "

POLL UITSLAG #2 - Wie is jouw favoriet uit One Direction?

Hey allemaal!

Afgelopen week konden jullie stemmen op de volgende poll: 
Wie is jouw favoriet uit One Direction?
Omdat wij toch benieuwd waren wie nu het populairste van de jongens is onder de Nederlandse fans hebben we deze poll gekozen. Zie hieronder de uitslag

Nou, dat is duidelijk. Harry en Niall zijn duidelijk de favoriete. Zijn het toch die curls en het Ierse wat ze zo leuk maakt?  Liam, Louis en Zayn krijgen ongeveer evenveel stemmen en 11 fans kunnen geen fave kiezen.

Ook deze week hebben we weer een nieuwe poll. Op twitter zien we het heel vaak voorbij komen. Nederlandse fans die afreizen naar Brussel in juni om naar de On The Road Again show te gaan. Wij vragen ons af... hoeveel Nederlanders gaan er nu eigenlijk naar de show in België? Daarom hebben wij de volgende poll bedacht:
  Ga jij 13 juni naar de OTRA show in Brussel?
Je hebt tot zondag om te stemmen.